martedì 13 dicembre 2011

GRIME- Self Titled (2011)

Grime is a sludge band from Trieste (Italy) featuring current members and ex-members of Pianoearthquake, The Secret and Robert Of The Square.
6 tracks + 33 minutes of sludgy downtuned heaviness = TNT


COMITY- The Journey Is Over Now (2011)

New release from Throatruiner Records:

COMITY † The Journey Is Over Now (2X12”+CD - 2011) •

1 - Part I (11’40)
2 - Part II (8’22)
3 - Part III (9’01)
4 - Part IV (21’58)



Fear of musical routine. Will of pushing back boundaries with a classical rock instrumentation. Astounding violence executed in one of the most distinguished ways. Incredibly meticulous attention to detail. With so much selection criteria, very few could pull this all off whilst harnessing a consistent sound. And if there’s one band that has always sweat blood and water to access there in the midst of bands like Starkweather, Breach, Today Is The Day, Neurosis, Oxbow and Converge, then it’s without a doubt COMITY. A more than deserved sacrament after fifteen years of a spanner thrown in the works, between disillusions, line-up & record label issues amongst many other aborted plans - going as far as making them momentarily give up in 2007. COMITY have behind them fifteen years of noise and incredible live performances (with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Cave In, Today Is The Day…) not to mention a discography with a fascinating progression which propel the band to the rank of one of France’s biggest glories at the release of their second album “As Everything Is A Tragedy” in 2006.

“The Journey Is Over Now”, their first full-length in five years, shows a band more ruthless and musically ambitious than ever before. Four tracks delivering 52 minutes of an oppressive but finely worked chaos : a maze of winding riffs and unique melodies.

”Because there’s nothing for them here, they search elsewhere. A long journey which will finally lead them to nowhere. Still inspired by Philip José Farmer’s novel “To Your Scattered Bodies Go”, lyrics are based upon the will of living and the endless quest of absolution. An ironic mise en abyme of musical composition : abstract, without end nor goal. Our goal has always been to convey a multitude of emotions, of feelings with maximum intensity. Whether it’s riffs, structures or through integration of new instruments : lap steel on all tracks, “distorted” saxophone, “grinded” sitar, bass synthesizer or choirs & vocals interwoven and inseparable, we always had the need to write and play this music, without bounds nor strains. Once again recorded live with the same will to sound simply rock, without frills and as less overproduced as possible. We choose to keep a standard tuning, a less saturated sound, without compression and with natural-sounding acoustic drums. Now that this project is complete, we want to share our music on stage with as many people as we can. This time, free downloads will be distributed to put sharing and accessibility within the level of our investment.”

Recorded and mixed between Laval and Paris by sound sorcerers Amaury Sauvé & Sylvain Biguet, mastered by Carl Saff, this fine-cut monolith of darkness shows a band in constant soul-searching and who has been able to push their art in ways they never would have dreamed possible. Exhausting in their ability to bring fluidity and atmosphere to their extremely dense compositions, “The Journey Is Over Now” reminds that COMITY is, more now than ever before, a band impossible to pigeon hole. This is extreme rock’n roll, and nothing else.

mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011


The guys of Throatruiner Records sent me some new stuff.
Here's what the label says about it:

Here's our first release for this fall, a three-way split between AS WE DRAW (France - post-metal), EUGLENA (Russia - mathcore) and HEXIS (Denmark - black/hardcore)

AS WE DRAW •• Nearly one year after their first album "Lines Breaking Circles" which propel them into the rank of the biggest european outsiders of their style, the young princes of french post-metal are back to punish everybody once again with these two tracks, more muscular and tighter than never before. Five-stars songwriting, outrageous emotional power and contagious anxiety, this is caviar filled with cyanide.
For fans of : Breach, Ken Mode, Old Man Gloom

EUGLENA •• They are coming from the red nation but could have come from the pink city; the hardcore from russians Euglena is as dissonant as buzzing, not so far from the know-how of toulousians I Pilot Daemon & Plebeian Grandstand. These three tracks are a good session of revigorating apnea, slower and dirtier continuation of their previous EP "An Anxious Surface".
For fans of : Buried Inside, Plebeian Grandstand, Botch

HEXIS •• A Danish butchery : hardcore, black metal, sludge and blast beats thrown in the most epic and brutal way. If their first eponymous EP has already teared a strip off some people, "Crux" and "Nex" are following the going-over by stepping up their urgency and helped by a nauseous as-fuck sound.
For fans of : Celeste, Crowpath, Blut Aus Nord

Some informations :
Streaming/free download links : (Bandcamp) or (Mediafire)
Buy :

1. As We Draw - Fingers To Point
2. As We Draw - Fingers To Stab
3. Euglena - Before After/After The Before
4. Euglena - Renaissance
5. Hexis - Crux
6. Hexis - Nex

If you want more by As We Draw, as we have released their previous full length some monthes ago, you can find it here :

22 ottobre @ Ekidna: Metallo! con JESUS AIN'T IN POLAND + APE UNIT + BLOOD OF SEKLUSION

Ekidna e Circolo Culturale Twilight inaugurano la loro collaborazione il 22 ottobre con:

JESUS AIN'T IN POLAND - Modena's finest grindcore
APE UNIT- grinding powerviolence da Cuneo
BLOOD OF SEKLUSION- death metal da Modena

martedì 6 settembre 2011

1 ottobre 2011 - EKIDNA (Carpi, Modena)- MEGAWOLF'S FINEST: Hungry Like Rakovitz + End Of A Season + Burning Like Torches

Abbiamo deciso di ricominciare con la musica pesantona, quella con le chitarre molto distorte, quella che ti dà le manate in faccia e poi esci coi lividi addosso. Tié!

Perciò, il 1 ottobre ricominciamo con le manate in faccia assieme a:

HUNGRY LIKE RAKOVITZ (grind-posthc da Bergamo)
END OF A SEASON (posthc da Reggio Emilia)
BURNING LIKE TORCHES (metalcore da Reggio Emilia)



giovedì 28 luglio 2011


Got the links to this 3 way split from THROATRUINER RECORDS and I'm glad they got in touch with me for this split record is pretty fierce.
Here's what the label wrote me about the bands of this split record:

Three bands, three different interpretations of hardcore/punk, two continents, one policy: Destroy.

BONE DANCE (Boise, Idaho, USA) doesn't want to be your friend. The nihilism you'll hear from these self-described "five loud dudes with shitty attitudes", playing their exceedingly raw brand of chaotic hardcore/sludge, will ring a bell whether you're into GAZA or KEN MODE, BOTCH or CURSED. Conceived with a colossal sense of brutality, yet never forsaking their punk ethos, "West" and "Conniver" will further consecrate this band as one to watch. Remember this goddamned name.

No matter how paradoxical it may seem, DIVIDER (Long Island, New York, USA) would prefer to unite rather than to divide. Uniting the sound of more modern filthy hardcore bands with a strong sense of punk emergency, these two tracks ("Gaia" & "Halios Geron" ) introduce Chris Tzompanakis behind the mic, best known for his work with the influential group SKYCAMEFALLING in the early 2000's. If you're into DEADGUY, THE POWER AND THE GLORY, or VISION OF DISORDER, you've found the perfect soundtrack for your next bare-knuckle boxing match.

As for PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND (Toulouse, France), if the shrapnel-laden assault that was "How Hate Is Hard To Define" had you asking for more, this time around there won't be any survivors left to beg for a rematch. If the explosion of screaming and distortion that is "Woe Is Me" isn't enough, then the hallucinatory "Woe Is You", with its NEUROSIS inspired, trance-like drums, and a throbbing bassline that builds to a crescendo which threatens to tip the richter scale, certainly will be. The first time I heard these tracks, I felt like ripping off my eyelids. And I won't be the one.

Streaming on Bandcamp! (there you would also find other records they published)

mercoledì 6 luglio 2011

CAYMAN THE ANIMAL | Too old to die young (2011)

Since it's summer, we all need some punk-driven rock'n roll. And the dudes from Cayman The Animal (Perugia,Italy) satisfy our needs and deliver us some,ehm, punk-driven rock'n roll.

giovedì 30 giugno 2011

RAEIN | Sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e quella di tutti (2011)

Yep, a new Raein record! And is truly awesome.
You can download it for free here (and you can also donate something on paypal if you want to contribute to the recording costs).

domenica 26 giugno 2011

sabato 25 giugno 2011

SEESAW- Things are bad (2011)

Seesaw is a pretty good new screamo band from Milan.
Here you can download their 10 songs record.
Here and here, you can get in touch with the band.

MNTTAB- Vaphorizer Ep (2011)

Australian Mnttab (read it as "Mount-Tab") sent me a couple of links of their new ep.
Mnttab is a noise monster.
Take a listen!

giovedì 23 giugno 2011


Ok, I took a little break from this due to the fact I had been busy in putting up, together with my buddies at Ekidna, our annual fest called Rottura Del Silenzio. It lasted 10 hard days. And we had to prepare all the stuff for it, so it took other 10 hard days.
Now I'm re-starting and I've decided to introduce some method changes: I'm no longer wandering through the internet looking for links, unless they are links of some italian bands I want to post on here.
But I will post stuff (that I like) from all over the world, if the bands themselves are likely to send me the stuff to post. ;-)

mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

ROTTURA DEL SILENZIO 2011: 10-19 giugno @ EKIDNA

EKIDNA, via Livorno 9, Carpi (Modena)

Per l'ennesimo anno (onestamente, abbiamo perso il conto: 14?15?) ritorna la ROTTURA DEL SILENZIO. Per il secondo anno, il festival si svolgerà nell'arco di 10 giornate, dal 10 al 19 giugno. Una fatica bestia. :-)
E ci saranno parecchie cose: musica, arte, relax, cose ganze. Per il programma completo bisognerà aspettare ancora un pochino perchè ci sono certe cose in via di definizione. Ma non mancheremo di farvi sapere tutto,quando sarà il momento!
Comunque, gran parte delle giornate sarà ad ingresso gratuito (indicativamente, 2 su 10 saranno a pagamento e il resto aggratis e ci pare una bella cosa,no?)
Per quel che riguarda la due giorni finale, 18 e 19 giugno, è la Rottura classica; quella in cui suonano un bel po' di gruppi (16 in totale). Quest'anno,volendo mettere l'ingresso aggratis e perché volevamo fare così, abbiamo deciso di dare il grosso dello spazio a gruppi che noi consideriamo locali (Modena, Reggio, Mantova). Speriamo che la scelta sia gradita!
Nel frattempo,per mantenervi aggiornati, visitate pure la pagina facebook del festival, qui.
Se non sapete come arrivare in Ekidna, ecco a voi come arrivare in ekidna.

Al momento le cose certe son queste:
- sabato 11 giugno:
al pomeriggio workshop di giocoleria base: 14:30- 15:30 BOLAS; 15:45-16:45 PALLINE; 17:00-18:00 TRAMPOLI; 16:00-18:00 PERCUSSIONI; 16:00-18:00 "GIOCHIAMO CON IL CIRCO" per i bambini; dalle 18:00 "TEATRINO DELLE API".
la sera a partire dalle 21:30 "Suoni dal mondo" con LES TAMBOURS DE TOPOLO'- TAMBURI DEL CROSTOLO- PERCUSSION BROTHER.
Ekidna metterà a disposizione i suoi locali con bar, servizi, punto ristoro e AREA BIMBI con palloncini e trucca-bimbi!

- domenica 12 giugno:
al pomeriggio workshop di giocoleria base: 14:30- 15:30 BOLAS; 15:45-16:45 PALLINE; 17:00-18:00 TRAMPOLI; 16:00-18:00 PERCUSSIONI; 16:00-18:00 "GIOCHIAMO CON IL CIRCO" per i bambini.
la sera spettacolo del CIRCO CICCIOLI e performance del gruppo DEVAS (danza afro, recital, spettacolo di fuoco).
Ekidna metterà a disposizione i suoi locali con bar, servizi, punto ristoro e AREA BIMBI con palloncini e trucca-bimbi!

- lunedì 13 giugno:

- martedì 14 giugno:
INVITO A CENA CON DELITTO (il costo della cena e il numero per le prenotazioni verranno comunicati al più presto)

- mercoledì 15 giugno:
Ambient Sotto Le Stelle- in concerto PANGEA e NEECO e a seguire selezione di musica ambient

- giovedì 16 giugno:
ORNAMENTS (posthc mazzate di morte-Carpi/Mantova: risorgono dopo 5 anni e ri-debuttano live qui da noi, quindi tanta roba. In mezzo c'è gente dei The Death Of Anna Karina, Rue De Van Gogh e Nicker Hill Orchestra) + THREE LAKES (acoustic folk col cuore in mano- Mantova)

- venerdì 17 giugno:
Grotesque presenta live: CHARLES DE GOAL (coldwave/postpunk-Francia) + DYSTOPIAN SOCIETY (postpunk- Firenze). Presentazione dell'album "THE OBSERVER" dell'Artista Electro-pop SIR JOE in uscita per "CALEMBOUR RECORDS"

Dalla Mezzanotte,dopo i concerti, la serata continuerà nella sala sotterranea con:
[ Post Punk, Dark Wave, Deathrock, Cold Wave, Punk…]
DJ'S :
(Organizzatrice del DROP DEAD FESTIVAL che quest'anno si terrà a Berlino !!)
•• Durante la serata sarà possibile acquistare il biglietto del Drop Dead Festival ad un prezzo più basso rispetto che comprarlo direttamente a Berlino.

- sabato 18 giugno dal pomeriggio fino a mezzanotte, concertazzi di:
IN ZAIRE (psychedelic afro-beat- Berlino/Bologna)
GAZEBO PENGUINS (punk/postpunk e legna- Correggio)
VALERIAN SWING (prog/posthc/post tutto- Correggio)
THUNDER BOMBER (rock'n roll arrogante- Mantova)
SUPERGONZO (rock'n roll ancora più arrogante- Verona)
CANAJA (rock/metal a vocazione agricola- Modena)
MR PHARMACUS (stoner/grunge- Carpi)
VANAMUSAE (indierock- Carpi)

- domenica 19 giugno dal pomeriggio fino a mezzanotte,concertazzi di:
LOGICAL TERROR (metal+elettronica- Modena)
DYSMORFIC (grind veterans- Mantova)
INFARTO! ( mega hardcore- Bergamo)
NOTHING I KNOW (hardcore- Reggio Emilia)
TERROR FIRMER (thrash/grind- Modena)
FAIDA (crossover- Venezia)
THE LAST BREATH OF LIFE (metalcore- Modena)
NO MORE ESCAPE (hardcore- Correggio)

In più saranno presenti installazioni e attività artistiche di vario genere.
Domenica 19 giugno sarà presente anche Michele Camorani (SERIMAL) per un workshop di serigrafia: noi mettiamo a disposizione dei telai con delle figure, voi portate la roba da stampare e Michele vi insegna come si fa a stampare in serigrafia. Bomba,no?
E ci saranno anche le distro dei dischi e banchetti di vario genere.
E si beve e si mangia panini e pizze (abbiamo il forno a legna diy,taaac!).
E il festival si svolge nel parco di Ekidna, quindi c'è l'erbetta, gli alberi e i fiori e si sta bene.
A tal proposito, facile che noi di Ekidna avremo dietro i nostri cagnini. Voi però i cagnini li lasciate a casa perchè se no ci son troppi cagnini, troppo abbaio cagacazzo, troppo odore di cagnuzzo e troppe merde di cane in giro. Ché é brutto poi dover andare in giro avendo pestato qualche merda di troppo. E poi ci saranno dei bambini (ma non Don Seppia, non l'abbiamo voluto), quindi lasciate a casa il cane. Che così gli risparmiate i volumoni del nostro impiantone da 10.000 watt.


mercoledì 11 maggio 2011

GAZEBO PENGUINS - Legna (2011)

Gazebo Penguins' (Correggio, Italy) new record is finally ready and available!
It's a blend of punk, indierock, emocore of the 90's and it's damn fine.
If you'd get to listen to it while driving with your left arm (or right arm, if you're in Uk) out of the windowcar while wearing sunglasses,then,well, it would show all its summer-ish potential.



I don't know anything about this band/record (year of release, which label released it, where the band comes from, if it's still active or not). I just know that this is hardcore-punk and it's worth more than one listening!


giovedì 28 aprile 2011

VULTURUM - Vivi di luce riflessa b/w Voraussage 12"

Second effort for this italian band. It's a two tracks 12". The first song is in the style of the previous record, while the second is a bit different maybe due to the acoustic guitar.
And the end result is more than fine.


As heavy as an elephant falling on its knees, Beast In The Field deliver an elephantload of grim sludge/doom.

lunedì 18 aprile 2011

MANATEES - Icarus The Sunclimber

Doom. Simply. Clearly. Doom. Get your dose of doom.


Now it's time for some rock! And Root Spirits' delivering it to you all. These guys play some heavy blues rock with psych hints and they do it in a way I like pretty much.
Here you can find whatever you need to know about the band (music to download, concerts, everything). Enjoy!

venerdì 15 aprile 2011


Cthulhu Youth play grinding powerviolence. So if you need short and fast songs, here you can get the satisfaction you've been longing for.
Found these two records on Music As Heroin blog.

Download "Inflatable world for weak lungs-water retention problems[2011]"

Download "Demo 2010"

Band's Facebook!

MIRRORISM - Demo 2011

Here's the demo of Mirrorism from Ferrara (Italy). That's some cool post-punk. If you don't like it you're stupid and you deserve Berlusconi forever.

Band's blog!

martedì 12 aprile 2011

SQRM - Rodeo

I have very few info about this band. I don't know if they're still active and where they're from. But I don't care for this record is fierce noiserock/noisepunk of that kind I'm into these days.


EAT THE RABBIT - Vendetta (2011)

Eat The Rabbit from Genova can be found somewhere between Orchid, Trencher and Blood Brothers. Keyboard driven screamo posthc could describe the band,hopefully :-)


martedì 5 aprile 2011


2Kutup | “Composure Beyond Fences” SR029
Type: mp3
Location: Turkey
Date: 2011
Duration: 00:45:25
Track: 10
Genre: natural ambient - drone
Section: yellow

What Pinar is trying to do with 2Kutup is reflect her soul to the sounds she is making. Peaceful at times and sometimes joyful, thoughtful or even sad. She thinks the world will be a better place if we share our emotions with each other. There is no need to hide our feelings and we will find peace if we love one another. She thinks we, humans are a little bit of everything whirled up into one.
Shortly, acting logical but making music with her feelings, she hopes one day our planet will be a peaceful place without wars.


Type: mp3
Location: U.S.A
Date: 2011
Duration: 00:42:19
Track: 11
Genre: acoustic improvisation
Section: red

A collection of tracks made using acoustic stringed instruments (guitars, ukulele, psaltery, homemade instruments...).

Tracks recorded between 2006 and 2011.
There will eventually be a physical CDr version of this album. Each CD will have

unique packaging and

contain an extra track at the end unique to that specific copy (tracks vary mostly

between 1 and 3 minutes in length) - you cannot buy this through Bandcamp, but if

you would like a copy you can email ( ) to obtain one.

Dedicated to Jaymes Darvid Gebhaste.
released 14 January 2011
all tracks by QWE - 4, 5, 6, 12-string guitars, ukuleles and similar instruments.
some source material on "Broken" taken from a Sleepytime Gorilla Museum live

performance, April 16th, 2009 in Chicago, IL

Most of these were recorded and uploaded as 32bit 48khz, but some were

recorded at 16bit 44.1khz.

"Guitar Rain" is somewhat of a trans-code from mp3 as the original file is gone.


Type: mp3
Location: Italy
Date: 2011
Duration: 00:25:03
Track: 5
Genre: drone, boredom, noise
Section: green

Conscious of being too little and for everyone disposable. Reading Philip K.Dick wondering about possible simulacrums more meaningful than mine. Waiting for someone, something, to come. Eventually, He’ll come, regardless of whatever it was done before. Another useless composition to give meaning for this wake.

1-Baptism of Those Who Have Gone
2-How Very Much I Loved You
3-Hoarding Memories for an Uneventful Future ( Monkeeastronaut on drums, Elia on sax )
4-The Slowest of Days
5-Eventually, He’ll Come

Recorded in 2011, at home, mixed by Mister Drey, coverart by Antolini Nicola


NITWIT| "Fuck My Romagna” SR026
Type: CD
Location: Italy
Date: 2011
Duration: 00:15:45
Track: 6
Genre: old school industrail hate
Section: white


WHY | “We Hate You” SR023
Type: mp3
Location: Italy
Date: 2011
Duration: 0:52:00
Track: 11
Genre: experimental-disco perversion-visions of apocalypse
Section: orange

we have been watching human kind for ages
wondering why they are so keen on destroying themselves…
we have witnessed their wisdom perish,
we have have stared at them torturing each other,
we have grieved for their twisted souls,
we have mourned their dying planet,
we have flown across time and space seeking
desperately an unknown entity to punish them
but in the end we surrendered to their unbeatable evil nature…

hopeless dark angels, we came back to whisper our song to them:
“human kind is a crime: we hate you!”


lunedì 28 marzo 2011

TERRA TENEBROSA - The Tunnels (2011)

In this swedish band there are some ex-members of Breach, as far as I know. For there are few info about the band. Pretty sure the guitarist was in Breach because the guitar work is recognizable.
How does this record sounds? Breachish, but darker. Imho, it's huge!


download link removed by request of the band