giovedì 11 novembre 2010

LAMANTIDE - Promo 2010

LaMantide is a screamo/posthc band from Cremona (Italy). This 3-tracks promo sounds pretty good: a blend of Converge-ish posthc, screamo and some powerviolence and black metal hints.

martedì 9 novembre 2010


CynicLab is a diy label based in Bologna (Italy). Up to now, it has released some cool stuff going from stoner/doom to posthc and to ambient/noise stuff. I mean, if they like something and if they have enough money to, they publish it.
So here are the links to all the stuff they published. Listen to them and feel free to go to the label's webstore and buy their records (most of them are all on vinyl for vinyl is better).

Dead Elephant - lowest shared descent:
Choriachi- mope variations/dope radiations:
Morkobot- s/t reissue:
Icon Of Hyemes/Storm[O]- split 7":
Jagannah - s/t:
Oracle- going up the river:
Tears|Before- reversal ep:
Devoggol- shall we go to the disco?:
Stoner Kebab- superdoom:
Akronia- omnis obscuritas:
Adamennon- la cinica foresta dei tetri arbusti deformi:

Discover the label:

OGNI GIORNO - Ep (2010)

Ogni Giorno is a screamo band from Genova (Italy) and here's their 3-tracks ep. I think it's their first work as a band and I also think it's pretty damn good:

Band myspace: